AURA Cloud is the result of our collective knowledge and over 150 years of cumulative experience within a senior management team in banking, core bank development and implementation projects.

We know from many years in the implementation trenches that financial institutions need a long-term partner who listens and understands as they manoeuvre through their business.

Innovative Cloud Platform for

Powering The Next-Generation Financial Service Providers

Aura Cloud provides you with the agility to meet fast-changing market needs while you focus on your business growth. It powers customers with the next generation banking platform, providing product enhancements and maintaining regulatory compliance automatically to all customers.

With Aura Cloud, new businesses, products and processes can be released quickly – empowering you to capture business moments as they happen. You can also design solutions for your agents or partners to use at retail outlets, malls, dealerships and many other customer touch points.

Startups and established companies no longer need to worry about outrageously priced IT-investments. With Aura Cloud, you pick the services you need and pay per use.

Cloud Partners

We bring the best of the clouds to power your business

We partner with all the leading cloud companies to provide you the most secure and scalable infrastructure for your business. The Global network of regions of these cloud providers gives you an excellent coverage according to the legal requirements in your geography. Our Cloud architects and consultants will help you in taking the cloud journey or simply extending your current cloud footprint.

3 Reasons for Selecting Aura Cloud

1. Start Fast and Scale Your Business Effortlessly

Aura Cloud gives you the ultimate freedom to select exactly the service you want to start with – and as your business evolves simply add more.

The flexibility makes it easy to support business objectives and therefore allows you to respond quickly to customer needs.

The SOA enabled engine makes Aura Cloud extremely flexible, allowing easy integration with existing and new systems to increase agility and reduce cost.

Aura costs are predictable and structured to support ‘pay-as-you-grow’.

2. Easy Connectivity to External Systems

Our API sand-box of 6500+ actionable APIs allows you to collaborate seamlessly with third-party ecosystems and race to PSD2 compliance to make you a Fintech champion.

Our architecture allows connecting with standard external services incorporating them in your processes – for example, a process that requires connecting to an external web service for credit scoring can be configured as part of the process instead of developing code for the same.

3. Co-Existing for Smooth Transitions

Aura Cloud easily co-exists with your current systems. Our unique data management capabilities allow you to move data between hybrid environments.

Pre-packaged business processes are available out-of-the-box to support sales, customer service and transaction processing.

The unique proposition with Aura Cloud allows you to apply your own business processes enabling you to retain your edge and focus on what makes you special to your customers.

Implementing Aura Cloud into Ecosystem

Aura Cloud set-up project defines your master data, products and pricing. 

We ensure data migration from your legacy systems keeping in mind your business continuity and need for handling legacy data.

Our migration experts handle this on a turn-key basis with an ability to run your business and seamlessly handle the transition.

We offer safe passage for your projects on a fixed price model after analysing your project scope.

Service-Design approach

User experience emphasizes functionality and ease, while customer experience leaves a memory. 

The key to a successful new business venture is customer understanding.  We focus on the customer in the early stages of development. This ensures that the new service is developed for users and the group of purchasing customers. Service design takes both the user experience and customer experience into account.

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Official Aura Cloud Partners

Xlent Bank & Försärkring, Stockholm

XLENT is our Sales and Implementation Partner in the Nordics. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, XLENT advises financial institutions across Nordics and has successfully delivered a host of projects and assignments to market-leading companies and public organizations for many years.

Fintegry, Vilnius

Fintegry is our Sales and Implementation Partner in Lithuania delivering results based on your aspirations by translating processes and decisions into software and IT solutions, thus making your business most efficient and financially beneficial.

Fintegry solutions are tailored to each client’s business agenda – they are fully “fintegrated”.

Aura Ecosystem participants