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While most providers want you to sign up for multi-year contracts before opening up their solution to you, we at Aura Cloud want to give you light speed in your business.

That’s why we are the only Cloud banking platform in the world today to give you ready-made platform access for you to check all the functions and evaluate how well Aura Cloud fits your business needs.

This provides you with the much-needed visibility for your project and a clear road map for success. We understand that the most important aspect of a core project is to ensure certainty and that’s what we provide upfront.

With Aura Cloud, Your Service Is Up And Running In 4 Weeks

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Demo Bank Registration

Demo bank is a completely integrated banking experience on our Aura Cloud banking platform. 

Aura Cloud Demo Bank is a way for you to get hands-on experience  and test its features completely free for 30 days.

You will have the ability to: 

  • Access Services as end customers
  • Access as front office user
  • Access as a back office user, set up your own products, create your own customers and view scheduled reports in your inbox

When you register for Aura Cloud demo, we will reach out to you for verification, and once verification is done you will get your login credentials which you can use to access your very own Aura Cloud Bank.