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Online Lending Platforms

We are passionate about providing disruptive technology solutions for the financial industry. That’s why we offer unprecedented time to market for “Challengers” in the industry.

Online lending is an exploding sector in the financial space. These marketplaces offer a much-needed alternative to traditional banking and payment systems. Besides posing healthy competition, they also cater to the underserved with differentiated services on consumer lending, student loans, real estate and small-business lending markets.

With Aura Cloud, your service is up and running in 4 weeks

Marketplaces are popping up aggressively around the world; each bringing their unique value to the mix. Some provide very specialized products, others target only a certain customer segment.

Whatever your unique value proposition might be, you need to enter the market ASAP before someone steals your customers.

Aura Cloud offers the following features to you on a private or a closed community cloud available to be consumed on a pay per use model.

Let Aura be your Launchpad!

Business benefits


You focus on designing cool products and superior experience for your customers and let us handle the boring stuff


Avoid high IT capital costs and operationalize them. Make IT your competitive advantage.

IT flexibility

Any new IT components your Business needs can be easily plugged into your core platform running on Aura Cloud through our 6,500 exposed APIs.


• Loan origination workflows

• Capturing business moments

• Loan re-pricing

• Loan collection and repayment

• Tax handoffs

• Credit scoring

• Loan creation and approval

• Loan amortization preferences

• Non-performing asset management

• Credit bureau handoff

• Online Credit checks

• Loan life-cycle management

• Dunning letters and outputs

• Collective impairment and individual impairment

• Customer output and agreement management

• Agency banking

• Loan subsidy management

• MIS on loan portfolio

• Loan data handoffs to collection agencies

• Reminders, Notifications and Alert management

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Demo Bank Registration

Demo bank is a completely integrated banking experience on our Aura Cloud banking platform. 

Aura Cloud Demo Bank is a way for you to get hands-on experience  and test its features completely free for 30 days.

You will have the ability to: 

  • Access Services as end customers
  • Access as front office user
  • Access as a back office user, set up your own products, create your own customers and view scheduled reports in your inbox

When you register for Aura Cloud demo, we will reach out to you for verification, and once verification is done you will get your login credentials which you can use to access your very own Aura Cloud Bank.

Aura Cloud Demo offer

The single biggest driver of our marketing is ‘transparency’ and by opening up our banking platform to you, we can affirm all the “features and benefits” we promise you in our communication. 

As a part of this experience we offer you access to the following key items:

We will create a “bank” entity for you in our platform and share login details which will authorize you as a fully functional bank across all our banking systems.

You will be provided with distinct links to Internet bank, Front office, Core banking and Data management systems which can be accessed through the login details that will be shared with you post sign-up.

You can access video tutorials for key banking functions and business processes implemented using our banking platform.

You will have a ’30 day framework’ at your disposal which will handhold you through this trial period..

You can download “your” bank’s Mobile Apps from the PlayStore and the AppStore.